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Abu-Blan, H. A. I. (1983). Sources and mechanisms of resistance to chocolate spot and rust diseases in "Vicia faba" L: 217 leaves, 19 leaves of plates.

Adamson, J. (1983). Topsy and Tim's chocolate cook book. Glasgow, Blackie.

Adelman, B. and S. Adelman (1935). Over a chocolate sundae on Saturday night.

Ainley, S. (1998). Candies, chocolates and sweetmeats: tempting treats to make for family and friends. London, Lorenz.

Ainley, S. (1999). Chocolates, sweets & candies: hand-made temptations for every season. London, Lorenz.

Åkman, L. and P. Cadle (1995). Chocolate. [London?], [First Impressions?].

Alfrey, J. (1993). Diabetes and Charlie Chocolate. Littleborough, Children's Meducational Books.

Allenbaugh, K. (2000). Chocolate for a lover's heart. London, Pocket Books.

Allenbaugh, K. (2000). Chocolate for a mother's heart. London, Pocket Books.

Amsdon Edward, V. and England (1932). Costing for the Cocoa, Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery Trades. A uniform system of costing prepared by the Costing Committee of the Manufacturing Confectioners' Alliance. in collaboration with. E. V. Amsdon. [With charts.], London.

Amsdon, E. V. and A. Manufacturing Confectioners (1932). Costing Committee of Costing for the cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery trades. [S.l.], Manufacturing Confectioners' Alliance.

Anderson, S. (1987). The enormous chocolate pudding. London, Dent.

Anklam, E., M. Lipp, et al., Eds. (1997). Proceedings from the 1st project meeting on vegetable fats in chocolate, Commission for the European Communities.

Applegate, E. A. (1999). Eat your way to a healthy heart: features chocolate and 99 other foods that help your heart. Paramus, NJ, Prentice Hall.

Archer, C. (1991). The secret chocolate lover's handbook. London, Red Fox.

Armitage, R. and D. Armitage (1992). Looking after chocolates, Deutsch Children's.

Ashby, P. (1986). Chocolate. London, Merehurst.

Ashby, P. (1986). The art of sugarcraft: chocolate. London, Merehurst Press.

Ashton, J. F. and S. Ashton (2002). A chocolate a day: keeps the doctor away: the amazing benefits of chocolate. London, Souvenir.

Asquith, P. (1984). The irresistible chocolate cake book. London, Souvenir Press.

Association pour le perfectionnement et l'expansion de la chocolaterie et de la confiserie de, F. and i. e. c. Société d'édition et de promotion agricoles (1978). Chocolaterie, confiserie de France. Paris, SEPAIC.

Ayral, D. (2001). A passion for chocolate. London, Cassell&Co.

Baggallay, A. (1910). The Origin and History of Domestic Silver and Plate. Coffee Pots, Chocolate Pots, Kettles and Urns. [With illustrations.]. Dulwich; [printed in Switzerland], Alfred Baggallay.

Baggallay, A. (1910). The origin and history of domestic silver and plate. Coffee pots, chocolate pots, kettles and urns, Dulwich.

Baker and Co (1907). Cocoa and Chocolate: a short history of their production and use, Dorchester, Mass.

Barrett, V. (1985). The chocolate book. London, Apple Press.

Barry, M. (1998). Michael Barry's chocolate: the crafty way. Whitefriars, Jarrold.

Barton, W. P. C. and S. Philadelphia Linnean (1990). Some account of a plant used in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as a substitute for chocolate: and which appears to be the Holcus bicolor of Willdenow's Species plantarum. Early American imprints. Second series; no. 36888. Philadelphia, Printed by T.H. Palmer.

Barty, C. (2000). Best loved chocolate recipes. London, MQ Publications.

Barty, C. (2000). Chocolate recipes. London, MQ Publications.

Bathurst, H. (1990). The butterscotch ice-cream with a chocolate flake and loads of 100's and 1000's. [London], [H. Bathurst].

Bebbington, S. (1995). Peptide composition of fermented cocoa beans in relation to cocoa and chocolate quality, Leeds.

Beckett, S. T. (1988). Industrial chocolate manufacture and use. Glasgow, Blackie.

Beckett, S. T. and C. Royal Society of (2000). The science of chocolate. Cambridge, RSC.

Bellefontaine, J. (1998). What's cooking: chocolate. Clifton, Dempsey Parr.

Bellefontaine, J. (1999). Chocolate. Bath, Parragon.

Benítez, A. M. d. (1998). Del cacao al chocolate. Mexico, Clio.

Bennett, L. (2005). The life of George Cadbury: t he famous chocolate maker. Oxford, Heinemann Library.

Berger, L. (1984). The gourmet's guide to chocolate. Bromley (Kent), Columbus Books.

Berry, M. (1985). Chocolate delights. London, Piatkus.

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