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Waterhouse, D. (1995). Why women need chocolate: proof that a little of what you fancy really does do you good. London, Vermillion.

Watson, A. (1996). Coal, chocolate and chips. Ripley, Footprint.

Weil, A. and W. Rosen (1983). Chocolate to morphine: understanding mind-active drugs. Boston, Houghton Mifflin.

Weil, A. and W. Rosen (1993). From chocolate to morphine: everything you need to know about mind-altering drugs. Boston, Houghton Mifflin.

Weiner, E. (1995). Death by chocolate. London, Hodder Children's Books.

Wells, R. (1991). Max's chocolate chicken. London, Picture Lions (HarperCollins).

Wells, R. (1993). The bread and biscuit baker's and sugar-boiler's assistant: including a large variety of modern recipes for bread - tea cakes - hard and fancy biscuits - buns - gingerbreads - shortbreads - pastry - custards - fruit cakes - small goods for small masters - confections in sugar - lozenges - ice creams - preserving fruit - chocolate, etc. etc. With remarks on the art of bread-making and chemistry as applied to bread-making by Robert Wells. The Nineteenth Century. General Collection; title no. N.1.1.6563. Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healey Ltd.

Westrope, A. and D. Tabor (1996). Chocolate paste cakes. London, Merehurst.

White, J. and B. White (1948). Bonbons, Chocolates and Chewing Gum.

Whymper, R. (1912). Cocoa and Chocolate: their chemistry and manufacture. [With illustrations.]. London, J. & A. Churchill.

Whymper, R. (1912). Cocoa and chocolate: their chemistry and manufacture. London, J. & A. Churchill.

Whymper, R. (1921). Cocoa and Chocolate, their chemistry and manufacture. Second edition (revised and enlarged), etc. London, J. & A. Churchill.

Whymper, R. (1933). The problem of chocolate fat-bloom: a technical and practical monograph. Chicago, Ill, The Manufacturing confectioner publishing co.

Whyte, M. (1910). High-Class Sweetmaking. Chocolates, candies, and dessert bonbons. 152 fully detailed lessons, also various recipes. Birkenhead, E. W. Brimmell.

Whyte, M. (1910). High-class sweetmaking. Chocolates, candies, and dessert bonbons. Lessons [and]. recipes. [With plates.], Birkenhead.

Wiggin, J. and C. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Agriculture (1992). The trade gap in food and drink: minutes of evidence, Wednesday 12 February 1992; Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Alliance, [and] British Egg Industry Council [and] British Poultry Meat Federation. London, HMSO.

Wijnoogst, H. C. J. (1957). The enormous development in cocoa and chocolate making since 1955, Mannheim; Amsterdam; Lisbon.

Wilcox, D. and E. Rantzen (1981). Kill the chocolate biscuit, or, Behind the screen. London, Pan.

Wild, A. and C. East India (1995). The East India Company book of chocolate. London, HarperCollins.

Wilder, A. (1960). Chocolate Cowboy.

Willan, A. (1992). Anne Willan's look & cook: chocolate desserts. London, Dorling Kindersley.

Willan, A. (1992). Chocolate desserts, Dorling Kindersley.

Willan, A. (1997). Perfect chocolate desserts. London; New York, DK.

Williams Cecil, T. (1950). Chocolate and Confectionery. [With plates.]. London, Leonard Hill.

Williams Cecil, T. (1953). Chocolate and Confectionery. (Second edition.). London, Leonard Hill.

Williams Cecil, T. (1964). Chocolate and Confectionery. (Third edition.). London, Leonard Hill.

Williams, C. T. (1964). Chocolate and confectionary. London, Leonard Hill.

Williams, C. T. (1964). Chocolate and confectionery. London, Leonard Hill.

Williams, J. S. E. (2001). Flavour formation through the Maillard reaction in chocolate crumb manufacture, Leeds.

Willoughby, R. (2004). Bath buns and chocolate Olivers: a Bath childhood. Salisbury, Hobnob Press.

Wilson, M. and N. Palmer (1986). Chocolate cookery. Twickenham, Hamlyn.

Wood, G. A. R., L. J. C. Evans, et al. (1963). Cocoa-growing costs: Costs of cocoa production, Bournville.

Wooding, A. (1987). I wonder if chocolate kills brain cells. Eastbourne, Kingsway.

Woolley, G. B. (1935). Sweets and Chocolates. London & Glasgow, Maclaren & Sons.

Wynoogst, H. C. J. (1935). Hints for cocoa- and chocolate manufacture, Copenhagen.

Yates, P. and I. Society of Chemical (2003). Chocolate, chocolate fats and the new EU chocolate directive: implications for chocolate manufacturers in Europe. [Great Britain], Society of Chemical Industry.

Young, A. (1994). The chocolate tree: natural history of cacao. Washington DC, Smithsonian Institution Press.

Young, E. (1754). A dish of chocolate for the times: addressed to the Reverend Edward Young, LL.D. Dublin, [s.n.].

Zipperer, P. (1915). The manufacture of chocolate and other cacao preparations. Berlin, Krayn.

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