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Thacker Cathy, G. (1999). Hot chocolate honeymoon. Richmond, Surrey, Silhouette.

Thacker, C. G. (1999). Hot chocolate honeymoon. Richmond, Surrey, Silhouette.

Thaler, M. (1980). The chocolate marshmelephant sundae. London, Pan Books.

Thenard Arnould Paul, E. (1868). [Reports.] Outillage pour la fabrication du sucre de betterave.-Matérial de la chocolaterie.

Thom, D. G. (1999). Chocolate eclairs of the spirit: a selection of the author's favourite delicacies. Chichester, Grumpus.

Thompson, T. E. (1959). Fancies, small cakes and chocolate goods. London, Maclaren & Sons.

Thomson, P. and W. Smith (2001). Chocolate boxes. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Thomson, R. (1993). Chocolate, F. Watts.

Thomson, R. (1993). Chocolates, F. Watts.

Thomson, R. and R. London (1987). Making chocolates. London, Franklin Watts.

Thomson, R. and R. London (1993). Chocolates. London, Watts.

Ticknor, G., A. E. Ticknor, et al. (1876). Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor. London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington.

Tilzer Harry, v. (1902). Chocolate Drops. Two-Step and Cake-Walk. [P. F.]. N. Y, H. von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

Tilzer Harry, v. (1903). Chocolate Drops. Cake Walk. [P. F.]. London, Keith, Prowse & Co.

Townson, P. (1980). The chocolate dinosaur. London, Macmillan Education.

Transnationals Information, E. (1988). Cocoa processing and chocolate production, proc. conf. Oberjosbach, 12-15 June 1988. Amsterdam, T.I.E.

Transnationals Information, E. (1990). The global chocolate factory. Amsterdam, T.I.E.

Trelfer, D. (2002). Vodka with chocolate chasers. London, Lollipop.

Trusler, J. (1780). An easy way to prolong life: by a little attention to our manner of living. Containing many salutary observations, on exercise, rest, sleep, evacuations, &c. And some remarks on drunkenness, smoking, and on the utility of taking physic in the spring. London, Printed for the author, and sold by J. Bell.

Trusler, J. (1780). An easy way to prolong life: by a little attention to what we eat and drink. Containing a chemical analysis; or, an enquiry into the nature and properties of all kinds of food. With some directions respecting our way of living. Collected from the authorities of some of our ablest physicians. London, Printed for the author, and sold by J. Bell.

Tryon, T. (1702). The way to get wealth: I. Directing how to make 23 sorts of English wine, equal to French, and cyder equal to Canary, to make wine of all sorts of herbs, to make mead, rum, rack, mum, coffee, tea, chocolate, butler's ale, brandy, cordial waters, and 40 sorts of ale, in a minute. II. A help to discourse, giving an account of the commodities of all countries. III. A book of knowledge for all persons, containing accounts cast up, rates of car, water and coachmen. of sun rising and setting; tide ebbing and flowing; make strops to set razors; to preserve the eyes, and other rarities. London, G. Conyers.

Turner, J. A. and N. University of (2001). Effect of processing and composition on flavour generation in chocolate crumb systems. Nottingham, University of Nottingham.

Ulberth, F., M. Buchgraber, et al. (2003). EU chocolate analysis project: current status and future work. [Great Britain], Society of Chemical Industry.

Use (1722). Of the use of tobacco, tea, coffee, chocolate and drams, London.

Vale, J. (2004). Chocolate busters: how to kick it -- easily!. London, Thorsons.

Vale, J. (2004). Chocolate busters: the easy way to kick your addiction. London, Thorsons.

Van Duyn Jeanette, C. and C. Slade Jeanette (1921). Dipped Fondants and Chocolates. Pretoria, Buckley & Van Duyn.

Van Loon, J., C. Stewart, et al. (2001). The chocolate lovers: a children's story and cookbook. Crows Nest, N.S.W.; [Great Britain], Sue Hines Book.

Varnick, T. and W. Moore (1949). The Chocolate Choo-choo.

Voak, S. A. (2001). The chocolate diet book. London, Blake.

Wagner, G. (1987). The chocolate conscience. London, Chatto & Windus.

Wakelam Benjamin, B. and W. J. Quick (1958). Your Reference Book of Chocolate, etc. [With illustrations.]. Birmingham, C. Combridge.

Wakelam, B. B. and W. J. Quick (1958). Your reference book of chocolate. [With illustrations.], Birmingham.

Walker Viola, M. (1942). Congo Chocolate Drops. [Reminiscences of missionary work in the Congo.]. London, Unevangelized Fields Mission.

Waller, T. (1929). Black and blue: Connnie's Hot Chocolates: [Revue]: What did I do to be so Black and Blue.

Waller, T. and H. Brooks (1929). Ain't misbehavin'.

Waller, T. and H. Brooks (1929). Can't we get together? Connnie's Hot Chocolate: Review.

Walter Baker and, C. (1891). The chocolate plant (theobroma cacao) and its products. Dorchester, Mass., Walter Baker and Co.

Walter, B. and Company (1915). Description of the educational exhibit of cocoa and chocolate. Dorchester, Mass., Walter Baker & Co.

Wanklyn, J. A. (1992). Tea, coffee, and cocoa: a practical treatise on the analysis of tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, maté (Paraguay tea), etc. The Nineteenth Century. General Collection; title no. N.1.1.5385. Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healey Ltd.

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